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Fearfully Made


In this crossover fantasy novel, a cataclysm transports a group of computer-gaming heroes to a mythic land where evil shades and fallen dragons encroach on a fledgling creation.


The survivors find themselves transformed into other beings with superhuman abilities, fighting and fleeing to escape the shadows of death. Aided by faithful warriors and the denizens of a dwarven city of refuge, a triumvirate of long-time friends rises to leadership.


They oppose the fallen ones who taint the innocence of the races—safe in their cities from sin and death until now.Armed with weapons of the Elf King and acclimatizing to their newfound powers, heroes determine to fight the good fight while others slink away from alien challenges.


The trials of this new world winnow a remnant of enduring allies determined to run the race set before them to whatever end the God of all worlds has designed.In this otherworldly account of the fall, discover the beginning to a literary epic girded with truth revealed through cinematic style and delivered by compelling characters experiencing the human condition.

The story takes readers into a world of elves, dwarves, and dragons then leaves them with a hero armed with a crafted weapon and with an overwhelming mission.

David Gangadean


Reading this book by D.E. Aston made me feel like I was in the adventure along with all the other characters, bravo Mr. Aston.

Bob Lawrence

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